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May 18, 2008


Chris Hatfield

There is no way that MotherF@&k$! started painting 18 months ago, lol ( I only kid). What else can i say fellas top notch interview.

Paolo Rivera

Damn... one of your most depressing interviews yet. I was listening to Marko expound on the reasons for doing covers in one sitting while I painted the same square inch of paper for an hour.

Great interview... glad I could help. Thanks for giving me an excuse for introducing myself to him.

mike christopher

Makes perfect sense. I can look back and recall the best drawings i ever did, and they were all when i wasnt thinking about what i was doing...i let myself go and thought nothing of fear or anything. Zen, as he say's, is the way to go.

William Blankenship

Wow! 10 days to do an issue. Wow. Just Wow.

Inspiring interview. I completely get his comment on fear of the outcome and making it harder for yourself. I remember when those X-men designs hit, and I loved them at the time. After that, reading a long post he wrote about how he creates art and paying attention to things. Very cool guy, and a very cool interview.


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