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May 01, 2008



Hmm after listening to different podcasts i hear now that it sounds fine. sorry about that. i listened so much to other podcasts i think. :)

i really love to hear James talking about his work.


Nice to hear an interview with James Jean. Awsome. I love him.

Just a note: I wish the guy that does the interview would be more himself. The questions almost sound like a commercial or something. Be more natural.


hi guys...saw JJ poster in one of d bookstore here in the philippines.i think he's coming here n i did register in his excited to see his works...

i also check his site - i love his bound and sketches - even in politewinter. hes great!!!

(Swain re: We agree. James is way beyond his years in talent and I too love his 'bound matter'.)


Great interview...

I always find it a relief when great artists like JJ doubt their work from time to time.

Great news about PR3 and the gallery show in January; I'm there!

Thanks again

Chris Hatfield

Enjoyed the interview, very refreshing. I learn so much as an artist listening to every cast. Nice getting insight into the industry.

Have you guys ever thought of having a call in show at least once a year?


Thanks for doing an interview with James Jean! It is always great to hear from my favourite illustrator :) It is rare to hear about his personal life besides just his work :) I didn't know he played an instrument! cool stuff.


Wow, thanks for doing this interview guys! I just discovered your site, there is some GREAT stuff on here, can't wait to listen to all that..
Very cool.

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