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June 08, 2008


Frank Kenndy

what a great discussion with Scottie Young.
it was so much fun to listen you guys just yuck it up and have a great time. I found myself smiling along with you all like I was part of the conversation which is really nice when you are home alone working away on your own illustrations.
thanks for another great episode.
you guys rock.


Dudes this was a great episode but then again I'm always a fan of podcasts with Skottie on it. He's a funny guy. You guys almost blew my earbuds out though when Swain went all crazy at the mention of the old school Iron Man. You guys got nuts!
Keep up the great work.

William Blankenship

I loved this episode, and not just because it's Skottie. Shit, I remember when Skottie was just Message-Board-Famous on Digital Webbing and Penciljack, but he definitely paid his dues with New Warriors and New X-Men. (His shit's All-New!) Anyway, bumping that track from Fear of a Black Planet. Hell's yeah. But you had to go saying something about Radiohead at the end, right? Oh, you break my heart. At least you can listen to them, unlike the stuff you're inundated with in the mainstream. Don't care, the songwriting and composition is great, and the new album is fucking spectacular. Kind of back to their roots, even though I've loved Kid A since I just had a bootlegged tape of it that they played on the local Radio Station at midnight the day it was released. Man, I taped it and had to switch the tape over right quick as it cut off in the middle of a song. I wore that tape out, as I was too piss poor to afford the CD. Oh and hip hop, turn off the radio and get some Blackalicious or Mos Def, or hell my boy Free Speech has some DYNAMITE shit on Ro. Blvd. ,Free Speech, Talk Sikk, Stereo Type, Breakfast Club, all that shit. Check out the site download it. I did a gig poster, and cover for them but it ended up being too raw. Shit, I'm rambling.

Oh, Got a gig for a four issue mini-series. It's through Digital Webbing Press, but it's going up on Wowio and then being traded. I'm juggling that with my personal shit as well, so it's busy busy, but I did check out that Greene episode. That Meth cover is tight as hell.



Ha ha ha..COME ON!! part 2

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