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October 24, 2009



Great show! Very entertaining.

@ Timo, I found that Step by Step Graphics tutorial that Peter did, posted here on vincent Altamore's blog.

scroll down to his post on De Seve and Cartier.

Timo Hilger

Gosh, this one was AWESOME! very nice and talented guy, and the humour was a nice addo :)

you guys do an amazing job, I never miss an episode!

Does anyone know where I could find the article in the step-by-step magazine from 1994 about watercolor by de Séve?

thanks in advance


"Dwuh & Swuh"! I was dying! I have a new artist to bookmark! I am now a new fan of Peter. Thanks guys! <3

(Swain re: Glad to be of service, Sarah. Swuh out!)

Amazing. Keep it up guys. This is great stuff.

Samuel E Kirkman Jr.

Thank you, Dwuh & Swuh for a most enjoyable interview. Hands down one of the most entertaining I've listened to. I found you through Mr. de Sèves blog post about it. So glad he did because I have a new podcast to subscribe too. Can't wait to see who else you've got on your show. Top notch, class act guys. Thank you for what your doing!

(Swain re: Thanks for the kind words, Samuel, and we're happy to have your ears. Peter was very kind to speak with me and Dwuh.)


Another podcast knocked out of the park! Many thanks to Pete, Dwuh and Swuh, that was awesome!

(Swuh re: Aww shucks...)

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