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February 06, 2011


R.R. Werner aka Atomic99

I'm way behind on my podcast listening but I did want to get to this episode since Xaime is a favorite of mine.

Great stuff to listen to since the one time I talked to him at A.P.E. in SF a few years ago, he seemed like a quiet guy and I was too much in awe to string enough sentences together for a proper conversation.

I've heard you guys do this before but many times it seems like you start the interview with the conversation already in progress. I'm sure that is on purpose as you probably begin things with getting the artist to relax some before you hit the record but it sounds like we missed a conversation about New Wave music and I would have loved to hear Xaime talk about that.

All the best to you guys!


Wagner CG

Hi! I'm still listening to the show but had to pause and mention that Little Ego is the sexy parody of Little Nemo.
Uh, I was told that, of course, mom would never allow me to read sexy comics. ;)

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